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Who is IPSX?

IPSX is the world's first regulated stock exchange dedicated to IPOs and trading of commercial real estate.

What does that mean?

IPSX reimagines the connection between commercial real estate owners, and those investing in commercial real estate, and offers a wealth of opportunity for both.

IPSX provides investors and issuers with flexibility, liquidity and transparency together with speed of execution and additionally, for issuers, a real time valuation. IPSX also offers issuers a powerful new capital markets option to release value from their assets to the widest pool of global investors, including retail investors.

What makes IPSX different?

IPSX is the world's first regulated stock exchange dedicated to IPOs and trading of commercial real estate. We reimagine commercial real estate investment by facilitating the connection between real estate owners and anyone investing in commercial real estate.

IPSX democratises real estate investment. IPSX enables investors of all types to invest in income-producing real estate assets, with secondary market liquidity, through buying shares, traded on a regulated stock exchange.

How does IPSX work?

IPSX operates two markets: IPSX Prime, accessible to all types of investors, and IPSX Wholesale, which is for professional investors.

  1. IPSX Prime is open to all investors including retail investors, and provides access to stabilised income producing assets, with liquidity provided by Market Makers
  2. IPSX Wholesale accommodates more complex issuers in terms of ownership structures, legal arrangements or tenancy profiles.

Is IPSX regulated?

Yes. IPSX has been recognised by the Financial Conduct Authority as a Recognised Investment Exchange, providing both commercial real estate owners and investors in commercial real estate with the protections of a regulated market in commercial real estate shares.

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What is the infrastructure?

Our market infrastructure has been designed for maximum stability, flexibility and scalability.

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Is it responsible?

IPSX is a responsible business, aiming to play a positive role in protecting the environment by reducing our impact, behaving responsibly and being accountable for our actions.

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