About us


IPSX provides a public market option for real estate owners that delivers access to the widest possible investor base with transparency, liquidity and real time valuation.

IPSX is the first regulated Exchange dedicated to the admission to trading of shares in companies owning, developing and managing single commercial real estate assets.

The Exchange offers prospective issuers, the owners of commercial real estate, the potential to raise capital through the admission of securities to its flagship market, IPSX Prime.

IPSX Prime

IPSX Prime enables asset owners to undertake an Initial Public Offering (IPO) of a Company owning a single real estate asset.

Companies seeking admission to IPSX Prime must prepare and submit a prospectus and other information to the UK Listing Authority (UKLA) and to IPSX’s Market Regulation team for vetting and approval.

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IPSX Wholesale

IPSX Wholesale will meet the needs of professional real estate investors for an onshore market trading joint venture single asset REITS. Further details will be made available as plans are finalised.


Our infrastructure has been designed to be flexible, to grow and be market-leading. IPSX will use tried and tested operating technologies to provide a safe and robust environment.

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Our team combines a deep understanding of market infrastructure, capital markets, investment management, data, regulation and the real estate market.

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The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has issued a Recognition Order in respect of IPSX UK Limited and is designated as a Recognised Investment Exchange (RIE).

IPSX has joined a small group of securities exchanges in the UK – all of which are operated by major international market infrastructure groups. The Exchange operates an “EU Regulated Market”, which provides asset owners with the potential to access the widest pool of institutional and private investors.

Our investors

The principal shareholders in IPSX are British Land, Henley Investment Management Limited and M7.