As a responsible business, we aim to play a positive role in helping the environment by reducing our impact, behaving responsibly and being accountable for our actions. We place great importance on the well being of our people, creating a positive working environment that encourages all our employees to work together in an open and collaborative way. We understand the importance of governance and compliance in the management of an orderly and transparent market for commercial property investors.


We respect the environment and work wherever we can to act in a sustainable and responsible way by minimising the impacts of our business operations on the environment. Most of our emissions arise from the running of our offices and employee travel commitments.


We are focused on creating a business environment that supports our core beliefs in ethics, integrity and teamwork. We hire, attract and retain the best and most talented people to help us with our plans to build the best real estate exchange in the world. We respect each other’s opinions and views. We are supportive and collaborative in the way that we work together. We are innovative in our thinking and in our business approach. We have a culture of excellence and look for people who are passionate in what they do and deliver the highest standards of performance.

We recognise that our continued success is dependent on the performance and ability of all our people who are at the heart of what we do.


We are passionate about creating an inclusive and healthy environment where the focus is on enabling everyone to realise their full potential. To ensure this future success we are committed to creating and maintaining a culture that fosters an inclusive, diverse workforce and an environment in which every employee is valued and given opportunities to achieve his or her full potential.


We take our legal, regulatory and ethical obligations very seriously. Our people conduct themselves ethically in all of our business activities. We are responsible for managing an orderly and transparent market by supporting issuers in coming to market with their assets, supporting trading in securities and providing mechanisms to control the market with rules, policies and procedures, member training and surveillance.