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IPSX Prime is the first and only regulated market dedicated to the initial public offering and secondary market trading of companies who own single institutional grade commercial real estate assets and multiple assets with commonality.

On completion of our first IPSX Prime admission, IPSX Prime will be open to all investors including retail investors, and will provide access to stabilised income producing assets, with liquidity provided by Market Makers.

All types of investors have the opportunity to invest in securities admitted to trading on IPSX, from a person in the street, to a large institution. Any investor owning shares on the London Stock Exchange or other broad based stock markets can now own shares in securities admitted to trading on IPSX.

We also appeal to a lot of investors who have traditionally been less active in conventional stock markets. Investors like family offices, private banks, fixed income investors and direct real estate investors are all attracted to IPSX because of the low correlation to other markets and the lack of volatile share prices that this results in. These investors rarely buy real estate companies which are traded on the London Stock Exchange but are already active on IPSX.

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IPSX Prime makes commercial real estate more accessible to all investors and in doing so democratises the asset class.

Our exchange gives investors access to high-yielding income from commercial real estate but avoids the risks of investing in an opaque property fund.


Access to liquidity

Two-way pricing is provided by market makers throughout the trading day so holders of shares will always be able to buy or sell in normal market conditions. Given this liquidity the shares can never suffer from “gating” as many of the open-ended commercial real estate funds have been prone to.


Yield potential

IPSX offers income-producing, institutional grade commercial real estate assets with the potential to deliver a higher yield.



Investors have much greater information on the asset, with six-monthly in depth RICS valuations to help investors make more informed decisions and monitor investments more easily.



IPSX has been regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK as a Recognised Investment Exchange (RIE) since 8 January 2019.


Invest directly

As a Recognised Investment Exchange, IPSX offers investors the opportunity to invest directly into operating companies that own stabilised commercial real estate assets that are largely fully let and generate a net distribution from their rental income.


New opportunity

IPSX Prime offers a venue for investors to trade shares in commercial real estate. Here, you can invest in new assets that have never previously been available on the capital markets – at substantially lower costs compared to buying commercial real estate directly.


Access institutional grade commercial real estate

All Investors can now access institutional grade commercial real estate. You can make an investment in companies that own individual commercial real estate assets that were previously only available to the largest institutions and sovereign wealth funds without having to purchase opaque funds.


Ease of transacting

On completion of our first Prime admission investors will be able to buy and sell shares in IPSX companies in the same way you can with shares in a FTSE100 company; through your stockbroker or retail platform, such as Interactive Investor or AJ Bell.

Shares admitted to trading on IPSX are ISA and SIPP eligible.


Low operating costs

By focusing on single assets (or multiple assets with commonality), operating costs are reduced as there is no need to focus on investment management of a portfolio – just the specific asset. Focused commercial real estate tends to perform better: While even well-regulated generalist REITs can trade at wide discounts to Net Asset Value (NAV), market appetite for specialist REITs means that their share prices currently trade at a small premium, on average. Single assets traded on IPSX enable investors to focus more tightly.


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