IPSX subscribes to the Income Analytics Tenant Income Risk Scoring and Monitoring service which will significantly aid investors and provide added transparency

May 17, 2021


Following the successful first admission of Mailbox REIT Plc to the International Property Securities Exchange (IPSX), the Exchange today announces a significant appointment to aid all investors in their investment decisions when considering securities admitted to trading on IPSX.

Income Analytics, the Global Tenant Income Risk data platform, will provide comprehensive risk scoring and reports for all tenants of the Real Estate assets owned by those companies that are admitted to trading on the Exchange. This will provide a high level of detail and transparency on tenant income risk profiles that roll up to create an asset risk score and profile.

The Income Analytics platform is built around the Dun & Bradstreet global company ID system that covers more than 420 million companies worldwide. Income Analytics’ systems access this base data in real time and process it through a set of proprietary analytical models to generate unique sets of tenant default risk measures.

The Income Analytics systems draw data from a wide range of Dun & Bradstreet scorecards and base data with more than 375 million data elements updated daily (Source: Dun & Bradstreet 2019).

These tenant and property level reports are designed to provide real estate professionals, investors and lenders with all the data and analysis required to make better informed, data-driven decisions. Each report will be available to be viewed from the IPSX website.

Speaking about the tie-up with Income Analytics, Alan Ramsay, UK Chief Executive at IPSX commented; “As an Exchange, we are committed to transparency and working with Income Analytics will provide valuable information to investors when they are making their investment decisions. We appreciate that investment due diligence and quantifying the future security and stability of future rental income at an asset level is a vital part of managing a Real Estate investment portfolio. Income Analytics is a powerful tool for investors considering or already invested in IPSX securities and we are delighted to be working with the team going forward.”

The high-value proprietary content produced by Income Analytics allows investors to view the following data, free of charge, on the IPSX.com website:

  • INCANS Global Score – a proprietary international tenant scoring system for measuring asset level weighted default risk across borders and over time
  • Long-term probability of default – projected weighted % probability of tenant failure from 1 to 10 years forward
  • Equivalent Bond Rating – map the projected % probability of tenant failure to an equivalent risk band for corporate bonds
  • Tranched Income – view rental income sorted by the equivalent bond rating

Matthew Hopkinson, Chief Commercial Officer at Income Analytics Limited said “We are delighted to be working with IPSX and supporting investors with their decisions through live to market quantitative risk analysis. This is a major step forward for the real estate sector globally as we help investors understand more about real estate assets, their underlying income risk profiles and by bringing more transparency and evidence to asset reporting.”

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