Mini-budget ripple effect takes its toll on property

Oct. 14, 2022

Taken from an article published in The Times on the 14th October 2022, here: Mini-budget ripple effect takes its toll on property | Business | The Times

IPSX Chief Executive, Roger Clarke comments in The Times:

"A lot of the multi-asset funds, because the value of their equities and bonds have dropped so much in value, suddenly property looks overweight [in their portfolios]. That prompts them to rebalance, so they look to redeem from some of their property funds."

"It's really interesting how these fashions come and go, because I can remember ten or fifteen years ago a lot of investors said that they were going to move out of listed real estate and into open-ended funds. It removes market volatility and lets them get more pure property returns. There is a logic to that, but not if you need short-term liquidity."

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