Morningstar, Fidessa, Iress, QuantHouse and GoldenSource successfully integrate with the International Property Securities Exchange, IPSX, ahead of first admission

March 10, 2021

IPSX,  UK’s newest regulated exchange, and the first dedicated to commercial real estate assets, today announces successful onboarding of the Fidessa trading platform. This follows the successful onboarding of  Iress and Morningstar data which will allow access for their customers to access key market data for IPSX companies. QuantHouse will distribute IPSX pricing feeds through a single API to its community who require pricing feeds to trade real estate.

IPSX can also announce the completion of its implementation of GoldenSource as a key part of its market infrastructure. GoldenSource will allow IPSX to successfully manage its securities data and regulatory reporting obligations.

The full-scale integration comes ahead of IPSX’s first ‘Intention to Float’ (ITF) on the IPSX Wholesale market. Initial Public Offerings on the Exchange will give fund managers, institutional investors and elective professional investors the opportunity to invest in companies offering high yield single asset commercial real estate. 

Alan Ramsay, IPSX UK Chief Executive commented, “Today’s announcement is another significant milestone on IPSX’s journey to launch and we are delighted to have completed full integration with our data and trading platform partners. It is vital that IPSX be the gold standard for IPOs and secondary market trading, so the choice of partners was key. Our data integration offers the market the very best access and full transparency to be able to execute orders and obtain data on our securities with ease. Feedback from our integration and technology partners has been overwhelmingly positive and there is an air of excitement as we move closer to the Exchange being live.”

IPSX’s integration and technology partners commented:

“We are delighted to have worked with IPSX to provide connectivity to the Fidessa trading platform which will provide direct exchange connectivity for those brokers who need instant access and live market prices on their desktops, along with access to retail brokers. We are really excited about the potential of the new Exchange and the access that this will give to investors wanting to invest in real estate assets.”

Bruce Bland, Head of European Product Marketing, ION Group.

“It has been a pleasure to work with IPSX on establishing their market data feed.  They have been thorough in helping to add the IPSX exchange gateways, which are now live within Morningstar’s Market Data Services. We are looking forward to celebrating the opening of the new exchange.”

Luke Ryan, Senior Technical Product Manager, Morningstar


“We have successfully integrated the IPSX pricing data into our central data feeds, meaning that all prices will be disseminated throughout the Iress network of 60 retail brokers and 28 market makers which makes up approximately 80% of the retail UK electronic order flow. This means that any existing Iress clients can take advantage of the new market with no change to their underlying technology”. 

Russel Thornton, Head of Trading Strategy, Iress

“We are pleased to have worked with IPSX to provide our market data solution products. I am delighted to confirm that these have all been tested and retested and are ready to go. With any organisation that's trading, you're playing with live ammunition, you don't want to go into production with anything that has not been fully tested, and with an exchange which is a core piece of market infrastructure, that is doubly or triply true.”

John Eley, Chief Executive Officer, GoldenSource


“IPSX is democratizing the real estate market for the first time, opening up a previously non-mainstream asset class to a much broader investment base.  We consider their disruptive approach a perfect fit for automated traders in our community. The addition of IPSX to our global distribution through the API Ecosystem further illustrates our capability to present well managed and multi-asset class opportunities for our members around the globe.”

Stephane Leroy, Business Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer, QuantHouse    


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