April 17, 2019

Real estate exchange IPSX could process 5-10 IPOs this year | Business Immo

This article originally appeared in Business Immo on Wednesday 17th April, written by Allan Saunderson.

IPSX, the dedicated real estate stock exchange launched in London in January, could process five to 10 IPOs this year after strong demand from sellers and investors, says its founder.
Anthony Gahan says a strong pipeline of potential issuers on the exchange, finally approved for operation by Britain's Financial Conduct Authority on 8 January, can now realistically consider which assets may be suitable to offer to the public via IPSX.

"We had a pipeline of potential issuers, people who had the predisposition to use the exchange as an alternative to the private market.. but until the exchange was open they couldn’t go down to the granular level of 'which building, what am I going to do with it?'," he told BIE in an interview.

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