Virtual realty: Tokenisation, blockchain, metaverse and digital twins

March 6, 2023


Taken from an article published in IPE Real Assets on 6 March 2023, here: 
Virtual realty: Tokenisation, blockchain, metaverse and digital twins | Magazine | Real Assets (ipe.com)

Roger Clarke, CEO, IPSX comments in the latest edition of IPE Real Assets magazine on how the traditional world of real estate is going head-to-head with ultra-modern concepts including tokenisation:

“I am a resounding advocate of any opportunity to democratise commercial property investment through fractionalised ownership, as a way of unlocking the asset class to the large majority without sufficient capital to play at an institutional level, whilst promoting greater liquidity in a traditionally illiquid sector. The industry ought to be taking proactive steps to open-up commercial real estate to those who would otherwise be on the outside looking in…whilst there has been some positive progress in this space…we still need to go much further.”

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